Tiffanee Jones

Solano County Democratic Central Committee

District 1 


Napa Solano Central Labor Council

Community Democratic Club of Vallejo

Stonewall Democratic Club of Solano County

Elected Officials


Elease Cheek- Solano County Office of Education Trustee

Annie Marie Young- Solano Community College Board Trustee Area 2

Cathy Preovolos- Former Vallejo City Unified School District Trustee

Hazel Wilson- Former Trustee Vallejo City Unified School District

Erin Hannigan- Chairwoman Solano County Supervisor District 1

Foster Hicks- Former City of Vallejo Councilman

Dr. Rozzana Verder-Aliga- City of Vallejo City Councilwoman


Hakeem Brown- City of Vallejo Councilman

Anna Chouteau- St. Helena City Councilwoman

Michael Silva- Vacaville Unified School District Trustee


Lori Wilson-Mayor of Suisun City

Wanda Williams- Vice Mayor of Suisun City

De'shawn Woolridge- Pittsburg Unified School District Trustee

Community Members

Brenda J. Freeman

Lisa Thurston

Chelsea Bonini

Latasha Nicole Speech

Nicholas Bellamy

Ayanna Moody

Francesca Segre

Robert M. Padilla

Lance L Rhodes

Steven Quinlan

K Patrice Williams

Patricia Hunter

Calvin Harrell

Tyrone Wise

Deborah Dickson

Latressa Wilson Alford

Juma Silmon

Cortez Quinn

Tamisha Lee

Georgette Ligons

Susannah Delano

Deborah l. Toth

Susan George

Danielle Jackson

Tricia Akzam

Jenalee Dawson

Christine Marie Gomez

Nona Cohen-Bowman

Timika Dollar-Orr

Carol Robertson

Marquetta McCleod

Rhonda Rochon Smith

LaQuitia Hogue

Carolyn Wysinger

Natana McGriff

Jamila D. Stewart

Sonya Frazier

Stephanie Dominguez Walton

Verneal Brumfield

Devina Whitley

Sammy E. Brown

Christina King

Christiana Drachen

Trena Whitley-Clewis

Thomas Bilbo

Pamela Frison


Pastor Danny Jefferson

Johnicon George

Kanesha C. Venning

Shelia Tyson

Tina McKinnor

Isabel Reyes

Marie McPherson

Ralonda Molex

Natalie Kidder

Donishia Gipson

Jessica Speiser

Patrick Little Jr.

Regina McDowell Peoples

Cortez Damerin

Marguerite Morgan

Frances Hansborough

Lauren Babb

LaChandra Savala

Vania Everett

Nancy Boudett

Clarence A. Bailey

Mina Diaz

Rachel Chang

Corinne Quinn

Victoria Galbert

Joe Summers

Alwena Frazier

Mallory Walton

Duriel Davis

Georgia Applegate

Montré Everett

Athalia Dillingham

Viridiana García

Megan Walton

Deborah Toth

Yesenia Cuarenta

Dr. Zoee Bartholomew

Kathryn Clark Silveira

Nikki Arenal-Perry

Troy L. Finley, Sr. 

Alejandra Rafael Hernandez

Dr. Edison Kelly

Lisa Jackson



"I've had the honor to serve with Miss Jones on the Solano County Democratic Central Committee for several years. During that time Tiffanee's demonstrated total dedication to the well being of the good people of Vallejo and Solano County via her assertive advocacy, attention to detail, enthusiasm and perseverance. I will be voting for her and sincerely encourage you to do the same."

Robert Padilla- Solano County Democratic Central Committee Member 2016-2020.

"Ms Tiffanee Jones has a wide range of experience, skills and expertise to engage communities with the democratic process; her ability to work collaboratively with a wide range of grassroots support will be useful on the Central Committee. I encourage you all to support Tiffanee!"

Deborah Dickson- President BWOPA Solano/Napa Chapter

"Tiffanee excels at whatever she does. We need her smarts, her energy, and her heart in the Democratic Central Committee representing District 1."

Susan George- Former Delegate AD 14

"She is a talented, dedicated & good person with the skills & experience to do this job. She leads with her head & heart & I can’t think of a better person for this!"

Anna Chouteau- Councilwoman for St. Helena 

"She is dedicated and committed to do the work necessary to advance the Solano County Democratic Central Committee mission and vision."

Wanda Williams- Councilwoman, Suisun City

"She is charismatic, compassionate and intentional as she advocates for the well being of children. I know she would be an asset to the Solano Democratic Committee." 

Victoria Galbert

" Ms. Jones is an avid supporter for her community and advocate for education. We need more dedicated and passionate people like Tiffanee as our represented government officials."

Duriel Davis- Community Member

"I endorse her because I've seen her dedication & work for myself. She's trusted, professional, loving, enthusiastic about change & is encouraging to all. I endorse you Tiffanee because I believe in you & trust you. You are a woman if your word & you've proven that time after time."

Christina King- Community Member

" Tiffanee has a heart for the people and is fully qualified to move Solano Democrats forward."


Patricia Hunter- NAACP Vallejo/Community Leader

"She is dedicated and committed to making a difference in our District."

-Cortez Quinn

"Tiffanee is an innovative leader. She can best represent me."


Latressa Wilson Alford-Vice President BWOPA Solano/Napa Chapter

"Having worked with her on many platforms, she is dedicated to making our community a better and inclusive place to live."


Tyrone Wise- Community Member 

"She is a dynamic, educated, committed individual willing to serve and make a difference for all!"

Rhonda Smith- E-Board Community Democratic Club

"She has a proven track record of exemplary leadership."


Johnicon George- President Tri-City NAACP

"She is an individual who has outstanding leadership qualities and who is highly qualified to serve on the committee. She knows how to work effectively as a committee (team) member because she is aware that there is no “I” in team. She was also one of my college mathematics students. Also, both of us are members of the Community Democratic Club of which I am one of the charter members."

A. Marie Young- President Solano Community College Board, Area 2

"She's experienced and committed for the task. She lives the Democratic Values and will ensure that candidates that are endorsed by the party will live and work by those same values."

De'shawn Woolridge- Trustee, Pittsburg Unified School District

" I have known Tiffanee since she was a student at Hogan Sr. High School. I follow her postings on Facebook. She is a strong advocate for children and for life-long learning. I think she would be an asset to the Solano County Democratic Central Committee in helping it achieve its goals."

Georgia Applegate- Retired Teacher

"I believe she is the perfect person for this job."

Athalia Dillingham- Community Member

" We gotta change how things work and I know I can work with her on the Democratic Central Committee."

Thomas Bilbo- Candidate for Solano County Democratic Central Committee District 1/ Solano Pride Center

"She is a forward thinker and innovator. She LOVES to give herself to the community and provide ways to access what is needed to the people of the community. Most of all Tiffanee stays true to her values, who she is as a person and what she represents for the community and her family."

Nicholas Bellamy-  8th grade Math Teacher

" She is dedicated, caring & motivated to serve this community"


Brenda J. Freeman- Community Member

" I endorse Tiffanee because she has an unwavering commitment to the betterment of her community. Electing her means electing someone that will always champion the voice of the people she serves."

Carolyn Wysinger- President SF LGBTQ Pride Celebration Committee

"Tiffanee has the knowledge, deep insight, patience and collaborative skills to effect change and move this committee forward. She’s a realist with her boots on the ground and her ear to the heartbeat of the greater Solano County Democratic community. You can’t go wrong with Tiffanee on your team!"

Nancy Boudett- Teacher Leader, Vallejo Unified School District

" Tiffanee is woke, brilliant, and engaged. She needs a seat at this table!"

Stephanie Dominguez Walton- Candidate for Oakland City Council District 1

"Her leadership and vision for a better and fair Solano County is unmatched."

Montre Everett- Director of Finacial Aid, UC Davis

"She cares about the children and their well-being, and she believes in families having access to fundamental resources."

Viridiana García- Beverly Hills PTA

"She understands the needs of our students and families - the constituents of District 1. I trust that she will advocate for us on the issues most important to us. My family and I will be voting for her this coming election."

Alejandra Rafael Hernandez- Vallejo Unified School District- ASP

"I believe she stands for the people of her community and will be an effective "Change Agent."

Dr. Zoee Bartholomew

"She has a heart to serve. She has a legacy of community service. She speaks truth to power. She puts in the work. She is walking out her PURPOSE."

Pamela Frison, Retired Alameda County Juvenile Probation Department

"She is a smart and energetic visionary whose heart and mind will lead her to make solid decisions that reduce inequity in our society."

Francesca Segre-Emerge Alumna 

"She is a powerful and articulate leader who has her constituents' best interest at heart."

Corinne Quinn

Tiffanee Jones




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